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Quick Cash for House – Simple and Hassle-free

Have you taken it upon yourself to find the best and most practical solution to your cash needs and financial requirements like getting cash for house? It’s probably what has brought you to our site plus the realisation that any cash for house transaction will definitely mean fast finances for you to access!
Quick Property Buyer Offers Cash for Houses

We have provided for several years homeowners with cash for house solutions to their problems. In fact it has been our goal to help you with the fastest and most immediate transaction known as quick property cash sale. As a cash buyer we will simply offer you a hassle and risk free price for your property, you will know that all our transaction involving cash for house only takes two weeks to finalise!
Choosing the cash for house scenario, you will be wondering what is involved and how can you be guaranteed a proper price for your house. We would like to invite you, take some time to view what our previous clients have said about the cash for house transaction and of course a feedback on the quality of our service as their cash buyer. Simply visit the testimonials page and hear what homeowners like you have experienced and what they have done after solving their financial worries.
No Hidden Fees on the Cash for Houses Transaction!

On our cash for house service, we deal directly with you! We do not believe in having intermediaries or estate agents making you agonise on multiple visits or a lengthy wait for the finalisation of the cash for house deal. Compared to other cash buyers, estate agent or even larger companies, we guaranteed that once an offer has been made for the cash for house service you decided on, you can consider your house as good as sold! The big PLUS here is that, we will only take two weeks to get you the cash that you need to get on with your life.
Since we deal directly with you, there are no estate agent fees to contend with, you are free to just focus on planning how you can better your life with the resources you will be having through the cash for house option.
Since your peace of mind is foremost in our service, we also offer the following perks when you choose our cash for house option:
Free valuation of your property! No need to pay for survey fees since, we will be dealing with it for you.
No legal fees to worry about! We will also pay for your legal fees as your cash buyer.
A PRICE PROMISE (terms and conditions apply) that we will match or beat the price on any offer made on your property!

So don’t hesitate to ask us any questions to clarify how the cash for house option can help you and your loved ones. Do get in touch with us now via our online enquiry form and we will be more than happy to assist you in the best way we can and know how!

Cash for my house

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Mrs. H., Stockport
They came in, completed the sale, and I got my money within days! Fully transparent and fair dealing.
Mr. & Mrs. T., Reading
We had found our dream house but were let down by our estate agents and were at risk of losing the property. Yellow Springbok provided a speedy and professional service and everything was resolved within a couple of weeks.
Nancy, Birmingham
I'd been trying to get rid of my property for months. Then I saw Yellow Springbok advert. The process went really smoothly and I got my cash in no time.
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